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We are specialists in Epoxy finishes, upgrading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory, health facilities, residential and industrial flooring slabs.

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Holographic Glitter Epoxy Flakes add a dazzling sparkle to any surface, elevating every 3D flooring design for lounges and night clubs.
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Discover the benefits of epoxy flooring in laboratory settings, how epoxy flooring can enhance laboratory hygiene and efficiency. Due to its many advantages, epoxy flooring is becoming more and more common in the laboratory sector. First off, epoxy flooring offers a smooth, sanitary surface that is perfect for laboratories. It is significantly simpler to keep the laboratory clean and germ-free because there are no joints or other places where bacteria or other pathogens might hide
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Metallic epoxy floorings comes in unique designs that exude class and luxury with no compromise on protection. Customizable options allow you to create any look you desire, unconventional or classic. Epoxy flooring generally is found in industrial environments. They include warehouses, car parks, and airports, which are subject to heavy machinery, chemical spillage, or high traffic. Epoxy Africa products are formulated for residential and commercial environments, allowing the elegant design to coexist with industrial-grade durability.
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Strongest floor paint(epoxy coatings) for Warehouse, Garages, Workshops and industrial floors. Suitable for foot traffic, vehicles, pallet trucks and fork lifts. Suitable for foot traffic, vehicles, pallet trucks and fork lifts.
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The wide range of 3D Designs created by Epoxy Africa offer you the opportunity to personalise any interior. The 3D seamless epoxy flooring can transfer you to any place or country you dream of: you can have the sofa in your living room standing on a sea side, dolphins dwelling in your bathroom, a large hemisphere map laid on your office floor or comical pictures on your nursery floor. At 3D Epoxy Africa we offer
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