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We are specialists in Epoxy finishes, upgrading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory, health facilities, residential and industrial flooring slabs.

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We are specialists in Epoxy finishes


We are specialists in Epoxy finishes, upgrading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory, health facilities, residential and industrial flooring slabs.

Our experience in epoxy flooring market sector enables us to give sound professional advice and offer the most suitable and cost effective technical solutions to industrial flooring requirements. We offer time proven industrial flooring systems to surface, joint repair and floor refurbishment methods, as well as options and recommendations on joint sealants.

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Resin Floor Coatings

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Epoxy Resin Screed

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Polyurethane Resin Screed

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Epoxy Wall Paint

Industrial Epoxy Systems

The use of epoxy flooring systems in industrial and commercial environments is almost countless, with options to suit every budget

Epoxy flooring can be installed to offer protection to the concrete floor surface against everyday wear and to protect the floor from spills and chemicals. It can be applied in a non-slip finish for safety requirements and as a decorative finish to enhance the appearance in the work place. From the application of a basic sealer coat, through to a thicker trowel applied resin floor screed, Epoxy Africa Flooring Systems have years of practical experience in the application of industrial resin floor systems.

Our aim is to ensure you have the best possible experience with your resin flooring project. Please contact us and let us be your guide.

Why Use Our Services?

  • Established in 2015 and have experience in many successful flooring contracts
  • Adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of any given customer
  • We stand by every job and we will manage any problems that may arise
  • Work with the customer to make sure that the project is delivered as required and on time
  • Access to some of the best brains and a wealth of experience on any subject to do with epoxy  floors, decorative concrete and waterproofing.
  • Professional, thorough, passionate and we want to give the right advice
  • We believe the systems that we deliver are right for any customer in any given situation in an industrial, residential and commercial environment.

Table – Types of Resin Flooring (BS 8204-6)

An essential criteria in selecting a resin floor system is to ensure the correct products are selected, with the resin applied at the correct thickness to meet the intended service conditions.

Floor Seal
Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent or water borne
up to 150µ
Floor Coating
Applied in two or more coats. Generally solvent free
Light duty/Medium duty
150µ to 300µ
High Build Floor Coating
Applied in two or more coats. Generally Solvent Free
Medium duty
300µ to 1000µ
Multi-layer Flooring
Aggregate dressed systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow applied floorings, often described as “sandwich” systems
Medium duty/Heavy duty
>2 mm
Flow Applied Flooring
Often referred to as “self-smoothing” or “self-levelling” flooring and having a smooth surface
Medium duty/Heavy duty
2 mm to 3 mm
Resin Screed Flooring
Trowel-finished, heavily filled systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimise porosity
Medium duty/High duty
4 mm
Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring
Having a Smooth Surface
Heavy duty/Very High duty
4 mm to 6 mm
Heavy Duty Resin Flooring
Trowel-finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thickness
Very High duty
6 mm




“I’ve had the privilege to work with Epoxy Africa since 2020, during which time they have provided an excellent team of well-established and experienced professionals. Their work on the Hema Hospital maternity and theatre epoxy floor project was outstanding, as was their level of professionalism, attentiveness, attitude and performance. Their ability to perform under budget and ahead of schedule.”

Quality Surveyor

Mary Wambui

“I have found Epoxy Africa to be a responsible, organized and timely contractor that works proactively to resolve potential issues before they occur. In my experience, they have always conducted themselves with the highest level of integrity. I would absolutely recommend them for public works or private projects.”


Sr. Martha

“It is a rarity to see owner’s personally involved with any project of any size but Stephen and Agnes, the company’s two owners and principals were intimately involved with the project at Koru mission hospital from beginning to the end. They provided assurances along the way that the project would be completed on time and lived up to this challenging commitment.”

Mapei Engineer


“They know their business and their approach and manner of doing business works well as a team player with the owners and their other consultants. Epoxy Africa knows their business well and as such can in many cases lend their expertise to the various industries in need of Epoxy.”

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