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We are specialists in Epoxy finishes, upgrading, refurbishment and repair of warehouse, factory, health facilities, residential and industrial flooring slabs.

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Discover the benefits of epoxy flooring in laboratory settings, how epoxy flooring can enhance laboratory hygiene and efficiency. Due to its many advantages, epoxy flooring is becoming more and more common in the laboratory sector. First off, epoxy flooring offers a smooth, sanitary surface that is perfect for laboratories. It is significantly simpler to keep the laboratory clean and germ-free because there are no joints or other places where bacteria or other pathogens might hide due to the surface’s continuous construction.


The surface is also very simple to maintain and clean, and it can be rapidly and simply disinfected using common laboratory cleaning products. This is crucial for spills or leaks because they can be cleaned up right away without leaving any residue. Epoxy flooring is also very resistant to corrosive substances, making it a great choice for laboratories where dangerous chemicals are being used.


Additionally, the surface is slip-resistant, which helps lessen the chance of mishaps or injuries, especially in locations where spills or damp surfaces are frequent. Epoxy flooring offers laboratories a hygienic, durable surface that can withstand the high demands of this industry while also being a practical and affordable option.

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